Le Rocher


In a previous blog, I stated that I believe that everyone who comes into our lives does so for a reason.  This has happened to me for my entire life.  Whether it is a need to learn something, make a change, or see something about myself more clearly,  I get my answering person.  Usually I already know the person; however, at that point in time they clearly emerge as something different than I previously thought.

Many of you know that over the past year, though I have fallen in love with Santa Fe, it has been an incredibly difficult transition for me, especially when it comes to my circle of friends.  Before moving here, I had previously lived in basically the same area for most of my life.  That being said, I have an amazing
circle of friends there; however, it has become increasingly difficult to have the same caliber of conversation via the phone.  Yes, you can talk about many things over the phone, but eventually you need an actual human in front of you to give you feedback.

Somewhat changing gears: I have stated in so many words that the majority of this blog was being written as a healing process.  But what brought me to that point?  In short, a program about healing trauma through the arts.  The person organizing said program needed some people to sing in her choir, so I agreed to do it and didn’t think anything of it.  Unfortunately, not too long into the program, I was starting to have a breakdown concerning some past trauma that had not actually been grieved through.  Sure, I put on the happy face, but I never actually did the work.  Said organizer was the catalyst to starting this process.

I’m going to purposely leave out a plethora of information, as I really just don’t feel the need to share every single detail of my life (if that were the need, I would be on a reality television show…not WordPress).  This person, though has ended up helping me through things that I didn’t even realize were happening.  Two weeks ago when the Joplin tornadoes happened, there is no way that I could have handled all of that myself, being so far away from my childhood home.  She was basically my rock, every time I got a phone call or a text about people dying.  Between her and the church with which we’ve fallen in love, the Joplin news was bearable.

So what can we take from all of this?  Why is it that people always come at the
right time?  And the people who impact our lives in such a profound way…are they drawn to us for the same reason?  I’m a firm believer in everyone having “student” as well as “teacher” moments in life, but can we be both at the same time?  I don’t know that there is a clear answer to that question in my head.  If I had to answer, I guess it would be “yes,” though there have been a few people over the years who have made me wonder.  This particular person would not be one of them.  I’d like to think that if the need ever arose, I would be able to help her in the capacity that she has helped me, but really that will remain an unknown until the situation warrants it.  Or maybe I already have…who knows…but the journey is the fun part.  The fact that it is helping me become a
better person is just icing on the cake.


About Lauren C-B

I live in Santa Fe, NM, with my husband, JR, and our adopted chihuahua, Vigo. I enjoy playing piano, reading, making Schoenbergian matrices, hiking, swimming, horses, playing EverQuest, and yoga. After living the first 30 years of my life in the midwest, the southwest is now a VERY welcomed change!

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