Cherry Sno-Cone-Palooza!

Lauren is a Scorpio who enjoys long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick.  She is a perpetual student and loves learning about everything.  She loves music, horses, swimming, hiking, writing, and taking pictures.

Currently, Lauren lives with her husband and their Chihuahua (who may or may not be part Xolo) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, aka The City Different in The Land of Enchantment.  All three of them love living in the southwest and do NOT miss the extreme humidity of the midwest, where one needs a snorkel to breathe.


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  1. I have an extreme aversion to all formats of personal spillings of either grief or tell-alls. Here, not just because you and I have become familiar, I am more than pleased to read what you have set down. It is deeply personal, by which I feel privileged to be included, and there is not a shred of the usually expected self-indulgent quality found in so many blogs of this sort.

    There is an objective quality of restraint which I wholly admire, and it makes going along with you that much more directly possible. Yet I get no sense within that restraint of a holding back from the reader, or most importantly, yourself.

    So while going to ‘where you are’, I do not worry one moment my friend is avoiding that which needs personal scrutiny or ‘processing,’ nor that any avoidance is present which might hinder or unnecessarily retard a coming back to center ~ which I so wish for you.

    Your photos are artful. (surprise, surprise ~ artists are, uh, artists) I am urbs bound and the photos recall to me visits to your quarter of the country. In recalling it, I tell people it is “An Ocean of Land.” I also recall when out in that ocean, on foot, with almost no people around, the scale of this small sphere we live on, the size of the sky and multitude of stars is powerfully instrumental in reducing us and our problems, joys and woes, to a more than manageable and proportionate size. Grief or anxiety, or extreme joy when all is going well, that ocean of land is a mute but animate reminder of ‘the rest of everything’ ouside of us, and the preciousness of what we now have, even if that be in the middle of grief. It is a balance.

    I hope as guest, as a presence, even mutely attending, will add some positive energy flowing out and about of which you can avail yourself of something welcome or needed. You have, perhaps unwittingly, already done the same for me in opening this door to this blog.

    So a more than hearty and fond thank you. I look forward to, in a manner of speaking, going through this with you.

    Fondly, Petr

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